Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monday's Child

My mom was born Monday, July 15, 1929.  This Tuesday would have been her 85 birthday.  In honor of her birthday I would like to share her birth story.  She was born at home in a farm house in Nebraska.  She was the youngest of 9 children and a 5 year tag along at that.  So her dad was 45 and her mom was 41.  Grandma and Grandpa had a doctor come to the home to help with the birth.  Grandma had very big babies as she had gestational diabetes but they didn't diagnose her as diabetic until my mom was about 6 years old.  Any way mom was 10 lbs and had broad shoulders so when Grandma began to give birth to her, mom shoulders got stuck and she couldn't be born.  So the doctor had to pull very hard on mom's head to get her free.  In the process the doctor thought that he had broken mom's neck and he just laid her aside and began to tend to Grandma as she was bleeding pretty bad.  Then he looked over and saw that mom was blue and he was so happy because that was a sign that she was alive.  So he quickly picked her up, gave her a spank and she began to cry!  Grandma was a believer and knew that God had protected mom that day and she did not die.  When Grandma was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes she was very sick and the doctors told her that she needed to take insulin or she would not live very long.  As Grandma's practice was, she prayed to the Lord and asked Him what to do.  She asked God to save her life not just for herself but for her children, especially mom as she was so very young.  Grandpa had a bad habit with medication that if a little bit was good a whole bunch was better, so she had a concern that he would give her too much insulin.  So as she waited the Lord told her if she would take precautions with her diet and stay away from sugar and eat healthy that he would keep her from dying until mom was raised.  Grandma was also concerned for mom's spiritual life.  She didn't fear that Grandpa wouldn't take her to church for he was quite religious, but she knew that Grandpa did not have a close personal relationship with the Lord.  She wanted to impart a life of faith to mom and following the Lord's words and loving the truth of the scriptures.  As mom got older Grandma spent time telling mom of the stories of her life of faith and what it meant to serve God with all your heart and trust in Him no matter what.  Grandma had several brushes with death but God always brought her through until mom reached her 19th year and had lived a year on her own at Bible School.  Grandma died but mom had been discipled by her and knew what it meant to do what was right and trust the Lord.  She felt a great loss in the death of her mother but her faith was strong and it helped her in many difficult times in her life.  One of the those times was when her first grandbaby was being born.  Her daughter, my sister, was having a home birth and the baby was coming breech and got stuck early on and could not be born.  So she ended up going to the hospital and having the baby cesarian.  The nurses told my sister that when the doctor reached in to get the baby, she had the umbilical chord wrapped around her neck and a natural birth could of killed her.  During the whole birthing process my mom and my dad were praying with  earnestness and faith that God would save their daughter and grandbaby's life and He did.  One interesting thing was that the baby was born on a Monday too and she had a dimple on her chin just like her grandma.  Now this grandbaby grew up and she has two boys both born on Mondays and dimples in their chins.  Pretty cool!    

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blue Gill Fishing

There is a lovely little fishing pond about 5 minutes from our house.  We went there this morning and it was just glorious.  Mary caught her first fish and she was so excited.  She caught about 6 Blue Gill.  They were all small so we released most of them and then kept a few for bait for catfish when we go to a bigger lake.  This little lake is perfect for kids.  There were geese and ducks swimming on the water and pretty wild flowers on the path.  We are very thankful for a fun morning of fishing!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Secret Garden

When I was a young girl I had a secret garden.  It was a tiny spot between a service yard fence an old play house.  There were grape vines that blocked the way and I would crawl past them to sit in my special little spot and enjoy and dream about my flowers.  I had some miniature marigolds planted and a miniature rose and some wild flowers from the mountains.  I also set up a shaded area and had a couple of ferns in there and a special place to sit and dream.  Like I said, it was very small and insignificant place but it was my place that I could call my own.  I did that for a couple of years and then got into high school and got busy with other things.  I started growing African Violets in my room and I set up a little garden of them under a grow light and had a whole bunch of fun with that.  When I grew up and got on my own I never had a garden spot for many years.  I was single and lived with people or had little studios with no land to have a garden.  I always had house plants to take care of and love but no garden.  Then when I was 46 years old, Rich and I moved into a small house that had a garden space out back.  It is small, only about 10' by 20' but what a joy it has been.  Each year I have so much fun planning on what I am going to plant and how it will look.  It is half flowers and half vegetables this year.  My daughter Mary gets such a kick out of it.  In the summer we go out our back door in the cooler temps of the morning and inspect our plants and see what morning glories are blooming and how big the zucchini are and how the red the tomatoes are getting.  We also check our little strawberry patch and see if there are any ripe fruit to put on our cereal that day.  Rich will get up many times and join us, just admiring our grapevine, hops vine, egg plants and all the other lovelies there in our garden.  We have quite a few herbs and Rich loves to pick the different leaves and smell them after they have been crushed.  He will combine different ones and think of recipes he would like to use them in.  I can see how man was first placed in a garden and enjoyed evening walks with the Lord.  Having a garden to me is like a little taste of what it was like and what it will be like in heaven ... 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kids Bowl Free Program

We signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program put on by the Roxy Ann Bowling Lanes here in town.  Mary can play 2 games for free Monday through Friday all summer long.  For a small fee Rich and I got  a pass to play with her.  Yesterday was Mary's first time to go bowling and we all had a blast.  Rich is pretty good as he spent a lot of time bowling as a young kid.  I did so - so but I had a lot of fun.  It was good exercise and I felt it the next day.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day weekend.  I bought Rich a big Jalapeno Pepper plant so he can use the peppers in his 5 Pepper Salsa.  Mary made him a card and with the help of mom she gave him a fishing license.  So we will be able to go fishing this summer.  I loved her little fish she drew with its tongue sticking out looking at the worm.  We went out to dinner with the folks and at Rich's favorite steak house, Roadhouse Grill.  Rich's dad really likes it too!  The guys got their steaks and us girls really enjoyed the fantastic dessert called, Messy Sunday.  We all had a spoon and joined in on the eating of it.  I am so thankful for my dad, Rich's dad and Rich!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ballet Pictures

Mary had her ballet class pictures taken today. They wore the costumes that they will be wearing for the recital this year.  They are snow fairies for the winter scene in the Russian ballet, Les Saisons.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Last Friday, in the later afternoon, Mary and I were out in the backyard.  Mary was playing and I was watering the plants when I noticed a dead baby bird in the grass and my heart was sad.  I took the shovel and pitched the little thing over into the blackberry bramble over the fence.  I no sooner turned around and Mary yelled, "There is a baby bird in the grass and it is still alive!"  I ran over to check it out and sure enough there was the little tiny thing, peeping its heart out.  So I ran in the house and got a gram cracker box cut it down, filled it with cotton balls and put the little thing in it.  It looked like it was only a few days old.  A little bit of down, tiny feathers forming on the wings and it's eyes were closed.  We gave it a few drops of water and a few drops of milk. 
My heart just sunk to see it as it was so small and so helpless.  I told Mary I don't think it will live because it needs it's mom and dad.  I knew it was a Brewer's Blackbird baby as a whole flock nest in our neighbor's Blue Spruce Tree that is next to their fish pond.  These birds come every year and raise their young and then migrate further north around the end of June.  They always come in April and leave in June.  The same ones come each year and I recognize one male because he only has one leg.  Rich really likes these birds as they kill and eat wasps and all kinds of insects.  They are great little birds and are so fun to watch. 
I don't know how the little thing got so far from the nest but I think it was a large Crow that dropped it as they raid the little Brewer's Blackbirds nests from time to time and they have to gang up on the big birds and chase them off.  I decided we would try and see if one of them would recognize the cry of it's young and adopt it back and feed it.  So we set the little bird in its box on the fence next to the nesting tree.  We had several birds land near it and look, but no takers.  So the poor little thing was getting hungrier and it was starting to get dark.  Mary found an earthworm and I cut it up and gave it to the bird and it ate it!  
We brought it inside, put it in our guest bedroom so it would be safe and quiet.  I told Mary I didn't think it would live through the night.  She said that she was going to name it, Fluff, and that she would pray and ask God to have it live through the night.  After she prayed she asked me if God heard her prayer?  I said yes, God hears all our prayers and the Bible says that He sees the sparrow fall.  So, nothing passes God's attention.
In the morning I went to check on the little thing and it was alive.  I was so surprised.  So, I went on the Internet to see if I could find out what I could feed it.  It said you could cut up a boiled egg up real fine and give it to the baby bird.  So, I did and the little thing ate it and went right to sleep.  Mary was so excited to see it alive too.  It was Saturday, so I took Mary to ballet and then on the way home we stopped off at the pet store and bought some dried meal worms and fresh blood worms.  I mixed that in with the chopped egg and the little thing ate it down.  It was such a sweet little thing.  Every time we turned the door knob to go in, it would lift it's little head and just cry and cry for food.  All day, every 45 minutes we fed it.  It would smack it's beak and lay it's head down on the cotton and go to sleep.  I would clean out it's little poops and kept the little nest clean. 
Sunday morning came and the little thing was still a live and it was eating more.  So again we fed it all day.  Monday morning came and it didn't eat as much and by mid morning I could tell it was not feeling well.  My heart sank.  I knew little Fluff was not going to make it.  He slowly died over that day and in the evening he breathed his last and we buried him out in our garden.  Mary made him a little head stone with his name on it and we put flowers on it.  She was so sad and I was crying too.  I had had so much hope that this little bird would make it and we would let it go free and be with the other birds.  I don't know if it was something I did or something was just wrong with the little thing that caused it to die.  I love little birds and I have so enjoyed watching them over the years at our feeder and up in our grape vine. 
 The next day when I was thinking about that little helpless life and how I had become attached to it in such a short time.  Being a mom changed me.  It seems after having Mary it has made me more sensitive to something needing me.  Even though it was just a little piece of fluff, it was very sweet and tiny and helpless and I couldn't help it, like I wanted to.  I wanted it to live so bad.  As tears were on my cheek, the Lord spoke to my heart.  Elena, you have watched those birds.  Once the birds become a fledgling and leave the nest, the parents watch over it, feed it until it can take flight.  Then they teach it where to get food and what to be afraid of and how to survive.  Even if it lived to be able to fly and become a "teenage" bird.  You couldn't lead it and give it what it needed to make it in this world.  So it is better that it died in that little soft bed that you made it, then to starve to death or be torn apart by a cat.
Mary said the sweetest thing as we were carrying little Fluff out to bury him.  She said maybe we will see Fluff in heaven. Maybe God will recreate that little bird and we will see it again.  It just touched my heart to hear her say that.  As it was Memorial Day and we had been out to the cemetery in the morning to decorate the graves of our family that has gone before.  We told her we have that blessed hope that all those that are the Lord's will be raised up when He returns and we all be with the Lord in heaven.
 The day we found Fluff.
 The nesting tree of the Brewer's Black Birds
 Fluff sleeping in his nest
 The little grave